December 18, 2017

    First Generation Race Station

    Some rules for entry for Car of the Month

    First off the car must be either stock, or High Performance/Modified and must be in somewhat clean shape.. The cleaner the better, and the faster the better, but Modifications are not needed.. The owner MUST have some small story about the car, or tell us what’s in the car..  We have some pictures that we will run as cars of the month from past entries, but newer submissions are Wanted..

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    Cooling System Basics by Tom Turner

    The Cooling System is a SYSTEM. Being a system, if any one component does not do it’s job correctly, then the entire system will not work right. If you are having problems with your cooling system, then you need to make sure every part of it is doing it’s job correctly. See more


    MSD Ignition install By Mike Daoust (Mikey D)

    Why install an MSD Ignition you say? What’s all this about amazing results from just one box and an extra coil you ask?
    I would say installing an MSD Ignition is the best upgrade for the money spent possible. The MSD single handedly converts your leading ignition into an electronic ignition, takes most of not all of the flat spots out of your power band which means more useable power and lowers your emissions at the same time. Im not going to ramble about how it all works im just going to show you how to hook it all up. If your interested in the technical stuff read about it from Yaw himself Yaw Power. See more


    Applying Tire Softener Chemicals by Tom Turner at Speedturn Racing

    This article is about tire softeners.  These chemicals are also known as tire treatment, tire soak, etc. and their purpose is to make race tires stick to the race track better.  They are commonly used by people who want to make their old, used, hard race tires soften up so that they will be good for more use on the race track.   If you are short of money (and what racer isn’t?) and you are willing to invest your time and effort, then you can get a little more use out of old hard tires if you will take the time to soak them with these softeners.  I am not a chemist by trade, so I can’t explain how these work to change your tire rubber’s molecular bonds, but I do know that most of these tire softeners are solvents. See more