October 23, 2017

    First Generation Race Station

    Welcome to The Car Of the Month


    Here is my 84GS that has been under construction for the last 8 years. I originally paid 400 bucks for the black on burgundy wreck which had been sitting for 5 years with a blown engine. Over the years, thanks to this site) its gone through a lot of changes, from a stock 12A, to a 13B 4 port with a Yaw Nikki.The choice to go TII was made because of lack of further power without porting, and ease of smogging.The final product is in the range of 300hp and is very streetable and completely smog legal. Despite being a handful sometimes, this is daily driven, very well balanced, complete machine. It was never built for show or drag race only. Current chassis mileage is 225,000 and rising fast!!!!


    S5 13BT streetported,oil/water-jacket mods, Mazdatrix \”E\” build block TO4B hybrid S5 turbo, 3\” stainless mandrel bend exhaust.Bonez cat,RB streetport muffler Spearco bar/plate IC,60MM piping, Blitz BOV, K/N intake, throttle body mod and intake elbow MSD6,10MM Magnacores,stock CAS and timing
    S5 ECU and controls, BAR certified CA legal Supra TT pump in the tank,TII fuel hardlines,550-800cc RC injectors TII and 300ZX oil coolers, Howe dual pass radiator, twin 10\” fans plus 3\” fans on the oil coolers OS Giken dual plate clutch/flywheel,SS clutch hose,TII tranny,short shifter, custom large driveline, custom TII rear yoke Engine torque brace GSL-SE rearend,4.10 LSD


    Tokiko blues all around
    175lb RB springs
    Poly bushings up front and on Watts link out back RB front sway bar CP racing rack and pinion steering Front and rear strut braces 17\” 8\”-9\” Advan RG lightweight one piece wheels Falken FK451 225/35-17 and 245/35-17


    12\” Selectmaz front rotors and TII calipers Stock 10\” GSL-SE rear rotors and calipers EBC green pads Stainless lines 60MM ARP studs TII master cylinder,booster,proportioning valve


    DuPont 916 Primary Red
    Mercedes Toner Black
    Mariah Wide body
    Mariah GTO whale tail
    Wings West side and rear skirts blended into the widebody fenders Hand made radiator extraction vent in hood and oil cooler vent in header panel Mid Tenn Miata headlight kit with Hella projectors All trim and markers shaved GSL-SE moonroof and metal sunroof


    Converted to gray
    Tan carpet and tan naugehyde 84 seats
    4 point Autopower roll bar
    4 point harness
    All GSL power options installed
    UV tint front and limo black tint back
    3rd gen Infini J-spec steering wheel
    White face gauges
    Oil temp,intake temp,fuel pressure,boost,EGT(soon) Apexi ACVr digital boost controller set to 14psi max boost Greddy turbo timer Pivot fan controller and digital temp display A little carbon tape to cover the old silver trim Kenwood CD,8\” self powered Bazooka,300WATT Pioneer amp,Rockford 4\” and teets,6.5\” Polk full range Power antenna that actually works!
    Drycell battery in pass. storage bin

    Any future plans will be minor, this project is done, finally. Ill be installing some spacers to push the wheels out a bit, enjoying a little autocross cone chucking fun once the paint has a few dings in it), and keeping up on the maintenance.
    One big mod looms in the possible future though,…..if I can do it legally, a 20B-REW twin turbo conversion at about the same HP levels. Nice and low stress for a 20B,plus an awesome exhaust note and no turbo lag!
    Special thanks to Mike and the gang for years of info and support while building this project,Gabe and John at Gabe\’s Custom Autobody,the guys at Mariah Motorsports,and all my buds for their help!