October 23, 2017

    First Generation Race Station

    Mike Info

    Ok I’m still a riding fool, but I went down to Los Angeles recently to rescue Maximus’s brother. If your new to the Rx-7 forum you will know I’m an avid cat guy. I now have 5 cats. 3 Chausie’s 1 Bengal and 1 normal tabby. Now these cats have the best lives any cat could have. They are get top of the line foods, and cooked chicken almost every night. Plus they have a water fountain bowl that gets nothing but Bottled water. They eat and drink better then I do. Ok, here are some photos of our cats.

    I have added some new pictures to my collection of friends 8/12/2003

    Well I have taken up Mountain Biking. My old friend from High school, Bill from wannawow has convinced me to start up Biking again. Well Now Mike and I have started training for our new mountain bike adventures. I have been riding about 12 miles up the hills near my house every other day. See for the past year after buying my house, I started to get fat and lazy with our BBQ’s and watching TV on the 65 inch beast. Well it was time to do something about it. I bought a bike and started riding again. I used to ride many many years ago, when I raced BMX. I was pretty good as I was on a team that traveled the country racing at ABA events. But that was years ago, but I still thought I was pretty hot stuff. Only problem, is that I have put on about 60 pounds since then. All beer, and muscle. More beer though. Ok, so now I bought a 2002 Specialized Stumpjumper M4 and now have put a bunch of money into that bike so I can keep up with the Jones’s.  Ok now on to the riding. I rode when I first bought the bike in June of this year, but never really “rode hard”.  Well now they ask me to ride with them up a small hill. Sure no problem. Yes problem, the hill was 3500 feet high. What on earth were they thinking? It took 3 1/2 hours to climb that thing, because they had to wait for me, but whenever we would stop, they would say, “We are almost there”. That was BS as it kept going and going and going. I thought I was going to either kill them, or drop dead right there. Well I didn’t die and I finally made it to the top. After about 3 IV bags in my arm it was ready to go downhill. Now that was fun, and I was pretty good at it, since I was a good BMX rider back in my day. But now everyone wears a helmet. Why? And it’s not a full face helmet, it’s a piece of Styrofoam strapped to your dome. What is this little piece of foam going to do for me if I hit  tree at 50MPH? Keep me alive and have my wife feed me out of a baby jar? No way, no helmet for me.  I’d rather not walk away, then walk away like some sort of vegetable. Anyways I will post more pictures and post more adventures soon, as we are riding all the time now.

    New Pictures added

    Ok.. I have sold the Jeep, and bought a house.. I have also looked into Buying another First Gen Rx-7 “TURBO”…… I’m also heavily involved in Robotic fighting (aka Battlebots) Some of you may have heard or seen Battlebots on Comedy Central on Tuesday, and Saturdays. Well Now I too am involved with this, and my team is Vladmeisters.. My job is and was Team Caption, and lead Mechanic for both of our Robots Vlad the Impaler 2 and Vladiator, Season 3.0 Super Heavyweight Champ. And we just did season 5.0, and you will get to see me, and my team on Comedy Central sometime later in the year, (Septemberish) I cannot say how we did, but we did “VERY WELL” so I did get some TV time. I hope I don’t scare anyone away.. Here are some pictures of that event that concluded on May 27 2002
    I didn’t have time to take many pictures as we had a lot of prep to do with 2 Robots, but we are to have a little fun while we were there.. Here is the rundown of the photos. The First and Second Photos are of our Team. The main guy is Gage Cauchois (Pronounced “Coshuaaa”) Funny name for a funny guy.. A few good guy I might add. He built both Robots and taught us how to work on them.. It looks as I will be back next season to do this again, but the others may not be.. The third Picture is of Me and Ken Draper from “Mechavore” Both him and Robert Lawrence (Not Pictured) are from Arizona, and these guys are just plan nuts. Ken and Robert told me that I should come down and help them blow up stuff, since I love senseless destruction, I just may pay them a visit. But those guys are a not only very nice, but absolutely scary, and you should keep animals, and ALL children away from them. The Fourth Picture is Donald Hutson and myself.. Another Real nice guy, and had the chance to speak with him, and may have even competed with him.. I cannot say much else due to Comedy Central Rules, but he’s a great guy..  I hope you enjoyed the pictures, and stories.

    We will be shooting a skit for Comedy Central on August the 11th in Northern California, for air in either late August, or sometime in September. Shows start August 20th.

    I will be working with Gage again in Battlebots 6.0 in November.


    Comedy Central Shoot for Battlebots season 5.0. The show will run in December, and it will be show 518.  Here are the pictures of our CC shoot on August 11th 2002. The show will picture us in a one minute segment.

    What we did was to shoot watermelons out of the air with my Double Barrel potato gun that was built for this shoot. My teammate Terry Solcum had built a Trebuchet. The object was to shoot watermelons out of the air once launched by the Trebuchet. The watermelons would travel about 50 to 60 feet in the air, and go for about 50 yards or so. We had little success shooting the flying melons, but had back up plans. We ended up shooting the watermelons off the heads of our favorite villains. That was a success. He pictured is My team, with the Comedy Central crew. 1st picture is us testing the Trebuchet with a bag of weight. 2nd picture is the Comedy central Crew relaxing between shoots. 3rd picture is of Gage and myself preparing to blast melons out of the sky. 4th picture is my Two other teammates, Brian on the left and Terry on the right of the deadly Trebuchet. 5th picture is me and my silly hat picking up potato’s with the CC crew and Gage in the background. 6th more of the same. loading again getting ready for another miss. 7th Gage and talking about something. 8th picture is the crew taking a picture for this website, and the 9th picture is the good group photo of the team, the owner of the property, and the Comedy Central group, who by the way was very good, and very professional. The show should be a good one, and I will look forward to watching it on TV in December.

    I have now since sold the Rx-7 in these Pictures.. I have not had the time that I wanted to, but in recent years I have had less and less time to spend with my car, plus buying some toys doesn’t help either… I do plan to build another one, but not until I get a house, and I hope that should happen later this year. If I had the knowledge that I have now, thanks to many of you guys, I would have had a turbocharged 1st gen car. But like I said.. I WILL get another.. Don’t worry folks. just because I’m without a first gen racer, doesn’t mean the site is going anywhere, so keep on coming… The person who bought my baby is Anthony Vazquez from San Francisco, and he is continuing the project where I left off, and he promised to send pictures of it, and details of it every so often..