October 23, 2017

    First Generation Race Station

    If for some reason you sent your cars to be posted in the Picture gallery, and they not in there.. Resend them to me.. Sometimes they skip by me because I get so much e-mail everyday, from friends, and family, and everyplace else.. Please resend them.. Mike 12/23/2000

    Click here to see Ty’s Turbo car

    Board News

    New COTM, and new pictures on Mike/Info and a few more photos in the Car Gallary 8/12/2003

    I will also be designing my Tri-Phase Electric Page and linking to this one in the near futrue 6/10/2003-SOON.

    Well I put in some personal links in and I’m changing the “Mike Info” page and getting around to updating the site a bit. 6/10-11/2003

    Added some more pictures to the picture page 1/05/2003

    New Pictures loaded today with a new car of the month 10/05/2002

    More stuff added to the Mike/info page mostly battlebot stuff. Also a faster server was made for the New board.. Id like to thank Adam/Nitro and bcrx7/Omid. I will get to archiving the old board when I get a chance.. sorry for the delay. 8/14/2002

    Ok after many problems with the boards, Adam Porter saved the site all by himself. The new boards are in, and there is a new Car of the Month, and a few new things if you look around the site.. Thanks again Adam for your huge help during crunch time. 7/15/2002

    I have Updated most of the site with the new banner, and new side links, and new Car of the Month, and redid “Mazcar” which is information about me. I will update the links page, and put in a whole new board soon, I just don’t know how soon.. Cheers Mike 6/07/2002

    I’m getting to the updates.. bear with me Some front page stuff. I will update the site a bit more soon.. Cheers Mike 05/08/2002

    Added some new pictures, and a new COTM.. New Board for the Ultra Garage will also be added soon. 12/10/2001

    I have updated the site, from car of the month, to the Facts section. New pictures, and a few more links. A new guestbook is also here so use it. Sorry it has been so long for any updates, but I have been quite busy. The new site is on hold for right now, but I will have one soon, but until then Ill update this one. If you have sent a picture, and it’s not up, resend it again.. Cheers Mike 10/18/2001

    More Pictures, and more front page stuff.. New Garage section coming soon 10/25/2001

    New Pictures thanks to Ortiz, Kevin Lawrence, and Geo46 5/22/2001

    New Front movie 5/11/2001

    New Car of the Month from Mark Leon.. Great job, and a few new pictures from Mark, Blair, and from Kevin Kommeth 4/28/2001

    Cold Air Intake is now on the Facts page, thanks to Geo46.. Thanks and sorry it took so long 4/28/2001

    New in the facts section is GEO46’s sidefire sparkplug “how to’s” and Nick’s 4 wheel piston brake conversion know how’s.. Thanks guys.. 4/06/2001

    New Pictures from Jackie, Evan, Sean, Jerry, and Harry.. Thanks all 3/28/2001

    New link.. Rhino Racing is now on the link page.. All other pages have receved updates 3/05/2001

    Finally posted Tom Turner’s facts to the Facts page One is a redo of his cooling system, and the other is his NEW Brake system cooling tips. 1/23/2001

    New Pictures from Brian… see it in the picture section, and Bobrx-7 came up with the info on the Ignition swap, from points to electronic Ignition.. see that in the Facts section 01/06/2001

    New pictures in the picture page.. Nick, and his old 7, and some of David Randall’s Rx-7, which can also be seen in this month’s Car of the Month. 12/23/2000

    Finally a new car of the month, Thanks to David Randall.. 12/23/2000

    Three more pictures from Ortiz.. Thanks again.. Keep them coming 12/18/2000

    A few new links including NorthStar Rx-7 Club from Minnesota. A VERY well Built Website.. Check it out on the links page 12/18/2000

    Changed the front page a bit..got rid of the slow loading java scripts. If this doesn’t work for you, e-mail me Mike 12/13/2000

    Made front page a bit quicker, and did some other improvements. Also some new pictures from Jose Luis, the “Piston Killa” and more from Nick Zimninski and his killer silver 7. 11/21/2000

    Well the site has been changed.. Facts front page is the last thing that needs to be done, and it will be done this week.. 11/06/2000

    Mike Daoust wrote a beautiful description on the MSD install, and included pictures, and put all the code in for me.. All I had to do was upload it.. Awesome work Mike 10/19/2000

    Put a new links page up It is in Java, and you will need an updated browser to view it 10/18/2000

    I hope you guys like the java setup on the FrontPage.. Let me know how you like it.. Mike 10/13/2000

    Banner coming soon for “No Rotor No Motor” for his headlight conversion.. 10/11/2000

    New pictures from Ortiz.. Keep sending them in.. Thanks again.. 10/11/2000

    Will share car if the month with 2 cars.. Rice Racing’s car, and Scott Bookman’s car. New pictures of Rice’s car now up also.. 10/11/2000

    A few new pictures in “Mazcar”.. 10/04/2000

    Changed all the pages to look like the rest of the site 9/30/2000

    Slightly new look to the front page.. 9/26/2000

    Changed Rotorsports link. 9/23/2000

    3 More pictures in the Picture page today, thanks to Ortiz. 9/21/2000

    Killed the music, and added 5 pictures to the picture page thanks to Ortiz, and John. 9/12/2000/

    Added music to the front page…. If you don’t like it, I can remove it.. Or if you have a good one, send it to me 9/03/2000

    New Car of the month, thanks to Scott Bookman.. Look at his beautiful Car.. 9/03/2000

    New Picture in the Picture Page from “No Rotor No Motor, These pictures should have been on here sooner.. 9/01/2000

    New Article from Scott Kevin Cook about the Overhauling of the Oil Metering Pump.. Very well written, and edited by BobRx-7. 8/22/2000

    Peter from Rice racing in Australia sent me another great photo… It is in the Car of the month, and the picture page.. Thanks Pete 8/14/2000

    New pictures in the picture page, thanks to Scott Bookman.. You guys need to check out this beast, along with Pete’s new entry. 8/11/2000

    Check out the new car of the month… This thing is nice… Thanks to Pete and Rice Racing in Australia.. 8/09/2000

    The Opening theme from Cannonball run is now able to be downloaded.. This is the song from when the Lamborghini was playing with the police car.. Great song for a speeder.. 8/06/2000

    BobRx-7’s Axel Swap is now in the Facts section… Thanks again Bob.. 8/06/2000

    A few new Pictures today.. 8/03/2000

    Personal News.. Im about to buy a supercharged car, with fuel injection, with a Turbo2 motor already installed, and I might make both cars into one, since my car’s suspension and brake system is complete.. Stay tuned for this… Mike 7/15/2000

    New Pictures from Cam, Nory, and Nicholas Z… Thanks guys for the pictures, and sorry it took so long to post. New front page colors also added.. 7/15/2000

    Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have some new pictures in the picture pages, thanks to Mr Bridge Port, and Matt Jones, thanks guys.. 6/28/2000

    Redid the front page too… Im going to redo all the pages to be like the front page when I get some time.. 6/06/2000

    I have fixed the 800X600 Issue with the front page.. should be much better now 6/06/2000

    I have had some ftp problems, but I found out that I was blocking my own server with Black Ice Defender, I have a new car of the month, and some added some DHTML to my pages.. New Car of the Month too.. 6/06/2000

    Now I have a bit of news on myself in the “Mazcar” section The pictures will get better, as I have a few new ones to develop.. Mike 6/06/2000

    Well I added some of my own pictures, and sounds under “Mazcar” Give them a look, and listen.. I also added some pictures of Michael Matutinovich, from New Zealand Thanks for the race pics Mike.. 5/23/2000
    I have changed the front page yet again.. Im trying a new format, so let me know what you think in the “Ultra Garage” I will be changing the rest of the site, when I get a chance.. Thanks… Mike 5/12/2000

    More links for your viewing pleasure.. Mike.. 5/04/2000

    3 New Boards in the Ultra Garage section Check them out.. Mike 5/04/2000

    New Car of the Month brought to you by RotuRx-7.. 4/30/2000

    Changed all the pages again, and added a new link that can help out all you speeders 4/26/2000

    Well I have changed the front page, and the link page, and the news page, and the Picture page… Let me know if this loads faster, and cleaner then it did before… Im still not nearly done yet, but it should look, and load a lot better.. Mike 4/17/18/2000

    I added 3 new Pictures to the Picture page courtesy of 3.rotor.com Cooling System info added to the Facts Page….Thanks to Tom Turner.. 4/16/2000

    As you can see… you can now get these “No Piston” stickers now.. Thanks to Ashi Fachler for this one.. Mike 4/04/2000

    Ok…Guestbook is not fixed… my mistake so I have the link rerouted to my old front page so that you can go in and sign it.. Geocities has some weird provision that wont let me link directly to the singing part of the guestbook.. 4/04/2000

    New Picture on the picture page.. enjoy 4/04/2000

    I have fixed the Guestbook link, so sign away 🙂 Mike.. 4/03/2000

    Earthquake shaker for this news page, and the links page.. Hope you like it.. Reload this page to see the earthquake.. 4/03/2000

    New Banner.. Hope this looks good.. I will have more Flash4 when I have the time.. I also got rid of the blue balls.. Not many liked them, so Off they went.. Mike 4/01/2000

    Well.. I put a DHTML code on the front page.. Little Blue Balls Follow the mouse around.. Something different.. If you guys don’t like it, Ill take it out.. Mike B 3/25/2000

    New Facts by Bobrx-7 regarding Steering gear restoration and fixes… Thanks again Bob…… Also had to fix the N.A.S.A Link 3/25/2000

    I had to REFIX the picture page.. Sorry about all of that.. I design this site on high 1152X864, and I should not do that, so I have to fix stuff once in a while, thanks and sorry about that… 3/21/2000

    New Pictures submitted by Lene Sando and Ty Webb.. Thanks for the submit guys.. I redid the Picture Page again to better suit the viewer.. 3/18/2000

    Some of the Archive Page on the Discus Garage Page don’t work all that well anymore, and don’t display all the messages that it should… It’s part of the failing board.. I have spent to much money on that board, and a lot of Zach’s time to fix it.. Once it goes it goes, so get all the info that you can…some messages are readable, and some are not… 3/05/2000

    BobRx-7 with new submissions for ATF and a revision of the Electrical Part 2…Thank Bob….. 3/05/2000

    New Picture Page format…..All Thumbnails… I hope this is better then what I had on there before… this should make it easy to navigate 3/05/2000

    New cars added to the Picture Page… Matt’s car is on Picturepage and Jose Reyes car is on Picturepage Thanks Guys…. 3/02/2000

    I have updated the front pages, and the FAQ page, and some other pages.. I will redo the picture pages as soon as I can… New Car of the month 2/28/2000

    The Car everyone wants to know about, now has all the info you need… I was able to contact the owner, and he gave me the scoop on the beast… Picture Page Purple People eater also a link on that page to see the car and info… 2/26/2000

    I will be adding more pictures to the page this weekend…. Sorry for the delay. Stay tuned… 2/16/2000

    Redshift was offline for most of the day… This was not a site problem, but an ISP problem… sorry.. 2/16/2000

    New Rotary Top 50 Banner on the front page.. 2/14/2000

    New Car of the Month submissions… 2/12/2000

    New Electrical Part 2 Thanks to Bobrx-7… 2/10/2000

    Zack has fixed all of the boards on the new “Ultra Garage”… Post away everybody. Thank You Again Zack… 2/08/2000

    New News part of the page has also been added, as you can see… 2/06/2000

    New Tracker has been added.. We are starting all over as far as that goes.. But up until then we had 31000+ Hits.. 2/06/2000

    New links have been added.. 2/6/2000

    Some parts of the board are not working…..reported by Barclay Rivas/Fal308 Thanks for the info… 2/05/2000